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Counseling Information

Mrs. Britt's Virtual Office
Attention Seniors:
It's time for you to set up your time to meet with your counselor to discuss many topics that concern you during your Senior year!  We are setting aside 30 minutes for one on one meetings with you and are excited to see you and talk about what your post graduation plans are, and how we can help you along the way this year with any issues/questions/concerns that you may have.
We will be using Calendly, like we did for registration in the spring.  This allows you to pick your date and time to meet with us, either in person (which we prefer) or through a Google Meet if necessary.  It is a requirement that we meet with each of you, so please pick a date and time to see us.
The Calendly Links are below.  Please click on the link for your counselor and schedule your date and time.