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About US

School History
In 1962, four county high schools (Stanfield, Ridgecrest, Oakboro, and Endy) combined to form what is known as West Stanly High School.  A committee of principals and students from those original four high schools met and decided to make the school's mascot "The Colts."  The class of 1963 was the first graduating class.  
The feeder school for West Stanly High School is West Stanly Middle School.  There is a rich history in the 57 years since the school began that continues through today.  West Stanly High School is dedicated to excellence in the classroom as well as in the community.  
Mission Statement
West Stanly High School will encourage individual student achievement and growth that is reflected in data. West Stanly will establish an environment where cultural, socio-economic, and academic diversity is understood and valued. West Stanly truly is Where Excellence Starts Today!
Vision Statement

L - Lift up one another

E - Embrace diversity

T - Take responsibility

S - Show school pride

G - Get involved

O - Own your education!