West Stanly High School Media Center

The media center is open Monday- Thursday from 7:30am - 3:30pm and Fridays from 7:30am - 3:00pm.  If you have any questions, please email the Librarian (Mr. Whitley) at [email protected] or call at 704-961-5210.  
Instructional Videos for Online Tools:
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WSHS Media Center Mission Statement:wshslogo
The mission of the West Stanly High School media program is to provide a collection of quality materials to implement, enrich, and support the school’s curriculum and provide a program that allows students and staff to develop information and 21st Century technology literacy skills. The program will encourage a lifelong appreciation and love of reading and ensure that students and staff are effective users of concepts and information.
In order to search for materials in the library, click on the link below to access our Destiny Catalog.  If you are searching for eBooks, type "eBooks" in to the search bar.  
WSHS Destiny Catalog
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If you can't find a resource and would like to check the Stanly County Public Library to see if they may have it, click on the link below.
Polaris Catalog
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Need help citing your resources in a research paper, take a look at the following resources:
What's New in the Library?
The WSHS Media Program has added a Book Exchange to its programming!  In order to promote literacy and pleasure reading, the WSHS Media Center is sponsoring this program which is available to the WSHS community.  The books can be found to the left as you walk through the media center entrance. 
Students, staff, and parents can donate gently-used, content appropriate YA Fiction and Nonfiction books that they may no longer want.  Patrons are welcome to take a book in exchange for their donated book.  If you don't have a book to exchange, we still invite you to participate and take a book(s) to read.  You can return when you are done so someone can enjoy the book.
WSHS Colts Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come in and check out a book today!!  Check outs are for a two week period at which time patrons need to bring the book(s) back to the library to have them renewed if they wish to keep them longer or to turn in.
Accessing eBooks in the Destiny Catalog:
Our collection currently has a wide selection of electronic books (eBooks) available to students and faculty.  Our library has 170 eBooks in the catalog.  In order to have complete functionality, you must log into Destiny.  You can log into Destiny by using the Single Sign On function (SSO) with your school google account.
If you are unsuccessful logging in, see Mr. Whitley in order to reset your account.  
See the links below for help sheets and more information on using eBooks:
Electronic Databases for Research:
1.  Google News
Google News is a great resource for current events!  It is a resource that is comprised of comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of news and current events.  
Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests.
Click here in order to explore Google News
2.  NC WiseOwl Resources
NC WiseOwl Resources are electronic databases that allows students and staff to access various databases on a pethora of topics from newspapers and databases.  This database will also allow students and staff to format their citations for research papers.  Click here in order to access the databases.
3. Fact Checking News Sites for Bias
Click here to analyze news sites to see where the fall on the political spectrum bias.
4.  Library of Congress
Click here to access the Library of Congress website.  
5.  The American Memory Website
Click here to access The American Memory Website.  This is a great resource for Primary Sources.
6.  The Digital Public Library of America Website
Click here to access The Digital Public Library of America Website.  This is another great resource to access Primary Sources for research.
WSHS Media Center Policies and Rules:
Upon arrival to the media center, sign in at the front desk and leave your pass with the librarian.
W  Work more than talk
S  Show respect for people and property
H  Have something constructive to do- Read, research, study, write
S  Save the media center- No food or beverages allowed
Contact the librarian:
Mr. Chad Whitley, MLS
West Stanly High School
306 E. Red Cross Road
Oakboro, NC 28129
Ext. 5213
Looking for Something to Read??
eBook Resources
NC LIVE eBooks (Requres Stanly County Public Library Card to access)
(Must download app to mobile device and authenticate with your school Google Account)