Masonry and Core Construction

Schedule Fall 20-21
1st Block: Core Construction, Advanced studies
2nd Block: Masonry 1, 2, 3, advanced studies
3rd Block: Planning
4th Block: Core Construction, Masonry 2, Masonry 3
My classes are designed to help any students learn the basics of construction, and more specifically masonry. As a past masonry student and fellow graduate of West Stanly High School (2004), I am proud to teach students what I have learned. I went straight into the workforce my senior year, and worked in the masonry field until 2013. I have been teaching bricklaying ever since, and plan to work here as long as I can.
Class Break Down:
Core construction- Offers students an introduction to the construction field, starting with safety. Each module thereafter, is used to develop their skills in different areas of the construction field. Such as construction math, hand tools, power tools, basic employability as so on. This course also allows students to become certified in two different credentials, OSHA 10 hour, and NCCER.
Masonry 1- This course develops on the foundations of masonry alone, and focuses more on tool usage and hands on learning. Masonry 1 is great for students looking to further their education on the masonry field, as well as practice in the shop on their own projects to learn techniques relevant to the job.
Masonry 2/3- These courses further the learning of the masonry field, and put more emphasis proper techniques when laying brick and gets students ready for a career in masonry.