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School Nurse

Hi! My name is Holly Williams and I am the school nurse for West Stanly High School where the staff and students call me "Nurse Holly".  I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from The University of N.C. at Greensboro. I have worked as a pediatric nurse for 12 years and am excited to be here for my second school year at West Stanly High School! Go Colts! I'm also assigned to Oakboro Choice STEM School and Stanfield Elementary.
My husband Derek and I live in Richfield, NC with our two sons Carter and Beckham.  I love being a wife and mommy. I love being a nurse and am a huge child advocate. I enjoy working with all my students and families to help get them what they need for the child to be successful in the classroom.
It is important to remember that good physical and mental health are essential for every child’s educational development and
achievement. In addition to serious health conditions there are many other health reasons for a student’s lack of success in the classroom including lack of sleep, poor nutrition (skipping meals or not eating healthy foods), not enough exercise or activity and even stress or worry about personal problems. As your school nurse I'm here to help explore ways to assist you and your child. I will work with teachers and community agencies to help your student be successful during his/her educational career. Please send me an email if you need to get in touch with me. We care, and we are here for you and your child!
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