Gabrielle Allen

My name is Gabrielle Allen. I am one of the self-contained teachers here at West Stanly High School. I graduated from WSHS in 2013. After high school, I went to UNC Charlotte to further my education. I graduated from UNCC in December 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education. I began my teaching career at Oakboro Choice STEM School in January 2018. I worked there until June 2019 when I transferred to West Stanly High School. My first year at West I did English Inclusion; this is my first year doing self-contained EC. I am excited to be teaching at the high school that I graduated from!
I have been married since July 2016; my husband also graduated from WSHS. He is a Health/PE teacher and football coach at Anson High School. We have two daughters; a four-year-old named Layla and a two-year-old named Hadlee.
Feel free to contact me at any time. My school email is and my school phone number is 704-961-5200 ext. 5219.
Spring 2021 Semester Schedule
1st Block:
Math 1A/1B
2nd Block:
American History I/II & English IV
3rd Block:
4th Block:
Biology A/B