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Mr. Dan Rice - History Department

Schedule: 2018-2019
Fall Semester
1st block - American History I                                                            
2nd block - Civics & Economics Honors
3rd block - Civics & Economics
4th block - Planning
Spring Semester
1st block - Planning
2nd block - American History II
3rd block - Civics & Economics Honors
4th block - Civics & Economics
Contact info:
Social Studies Department
West Stanly High School
306 E. Red Cross Road  Oakboro, NC  28129
(704) 961-5200
Classroom Expectations & Procedures
Homework assignments are due the next day.  Late work will be taken with (10) points being deducted for each day late up to five days maximum.
Students who are making below a "70" are strongly encouraged to take advantage of any and all tutorial opportunities.  Any student earning below a "60" on a test is required to attend the next available tutoring/remediation session.
Regardless of current academic standing in the course, students may seek additional help and/or practice to improve their understanding of the content and increase their likelihood of success.